A question about NT Domains

John Harper harper at banks.scar.utoronto.ca
Wed Apr 8 16:51:58 GMT 1998

I just got the NTDOM branch compiled and working - I can authenticate 
from an NT client no problem.

However, our system arrangement is such that we have two Solaris
servers - one is dedicated to staff/faculty, the other is for students.
Each class of user only has access to and account info on their 
particular server. I would therefore assume the logical extension into
the world of NT domains would imply that I configure both Unix servers
as separate PDC's in two NT domains (it seems reasonable to me!).

But our labs can be used by both students and faculty, and I therefore
need the client NT machines to be able to connect to either domain - 
as far as I can tell this is not possible. Is there in fact any way
to get a client to belong/connect to more than one domain? Am I
missing something, or can I add this to my growing list of "Why I
Hate M$"?

Thanks for any insight.

John Harper
Academic Computing Coordinator
University of Toronto at Scarborough
harper at scar.utoronto.ca

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