Questions about log files

Andre Gerhard andre at
Fri Apr 3 13:26:22 GMT 1998


I have some questions regarding the log files that are generated by
samba, when running with debug level equal or above 3:

1. In my linux samba server, there are 2 nmbd daemons running, why ?

2. When the user connects to the PDC, one smbd process is spanned
   for this user, and the resulting smb log file is 'log.smb'. If
   other users connect, the smbd log file is the same ... 
   Is it possible to generate separate log.smb files for each smbd
   daemon ?

3. After some time, the NT workstation log file becomes 'old'
   (extension .old) and another log begins ... What is the condition
   that triggers this behavior ?


Andre Gerhard

Systems/Network administrator
Universidade de Sao Paulo - SP - Brazil

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