CVS update: samba/source/libsmb

Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Wed Jan 27 12:07:20 EST 1999

no Luke, think about it some more. You "fixed" the code that was doing
things correctly.

First off, think from a layering point of view. clientgen.c is our
low-level SMB client library. It is the only layer that knows if the
server is encrypted or not. You have now made it so the caller has to
know. The problem is that the caller doesn't know, so what you've done
to smbsh is that it now _only_ works with encrypted servers. It won't
talk to a default Samba server. Not good.

Things are even worse in smbclient. It now doesn't support encrypted
passwords at all (look at do_connect()). Not good.

Luke, when you are going to change something in a bit of code that you
don't "own" then please ask first. You own the rpc stuff. You don't
own the client library, smbsh or smbclient. It would be nice if you
asked before changing that code. You might find you need to revert
code a bit less often that way :)

cli_session_setup() should accept either plain text or encrypted
passwords. The upper layer should be able to pass plain text passwords
to cli_session_setup() and they should then be auto-converted to
encrypted passwords if the server has indicted that it is
encrypted. The caller of cli_session_setup() should not care whether
the server is encrypted.

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