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Date:	Thursday January 28, 1999 @ 5:15
Author:	crh

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Fuss fuss fuss.

No wish to spark controversy but I've added the W3C Validation icon to the
T-shirt page.  It does little for the aesthetics of the page, but
(particularly after last night, when I spent an hour or so doing research
on the web that should have taken only five minutes except that I had to
wait for all those stupid frames and midi files and uncompressed graphics
and other webfluff that adds *nothing* to the *&^%!# pages but they don't
give out awards for content do they, no they don't, dammit, and some of
the HTML coding was so bad that Navigator crashed and then I found out
that Rachel had turned Javascript on and I was getting all of these
*stupid* advertising windows which I really hate) I think it's important
to make a statement about compatibility, open standards, accessibility,


'scuse me.

Chris -)-----

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