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Thu Jun 2 11:39:50 UTC 2016

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>Fabian Cenedese <Cenedese at> wrote:
>> This script is bash and also uses the "remote shell hacks" using SSH.
>> As I want to run it also from Windows I'm looking for a rsync solution.
>Assuming you have control of the server, can you do a bit of semaphore ?
>Eg, do your backup with rsync, then when it's complete, touch a file (or put something in it) and rsync that to the server. The server then runs a process that does some action.
>Eg, you touch a file "/etc/ivedoneabackup" and sync it, when the server sees that, it runs a process which links/moves/whatever stuff around to suit.
>The client side can be scripted in whatever language is available on that platform.

There are several ways to solve it on the server, from simple cron jobs
to do the cleanup to more sophisticated solutions. But what if I don't
have a server but e.g. just a USB disk? Then it has to be done from
the client. Of course now you have full access to the backups and can
do whatever you want. However that depends again on the operating
system and maybe even file system or so. I don't want to (but maybe
have to) implement various solutions depending on local/remote,
source Windows/Linux, destination Windows/Linux etc.

But thanks for your inputs, I may have to do some more thinking.

bye  Fabi

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