Using rsync to just -resync permissions and ownership?

Kevin Korb kmk at
Tue May 14 18:38:02 MDT 2013

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If the timestamps are the same then rsync with -a should just fix the
ownerships and permissions.

If the timestamps are not the same then you could do it with getfacl
and setfacl as they can use a text file as an intermediary however
your next question is going to be what to do about the timestamps.
Which generally means resorting to --size-only or just letting rsync
re-hash the data.

On 05/14/13 20:19, Carl Brewer wrote:
> G'day, I'm in the process of fixing a long broken rsync backup on a
> couple of servers.  The old system rsync'd a Linux (CentOS 5)
> server onto a Opensolaris/OpenIndiana server but didn't worry about
> ownership or permissions, across an expensive WAN link.  All the
> ownerships and permissions are different to the original box on the
> OI box.
> I now have a virtual CentOS 5 box that I want to mostly mirror the 
> master server onto to have as a warm backup.  I have all the files
> on the OpenIndiana box but with incorrect ownership and
> permissions.  It's around 120GB or so, so I don't want to pump it
> all down from the master server again if I can help it.  I have
> copied all the files etc off the OI box onto the virtual CentOS
> server, but with incorrect (ie: same as on the OI box, not the
> original CentOS box) ownerships and permissions.
> Is there a way using rsync (or something else?) to just change 
> ownerships and permissions and not actually copy files no matter
> what the modification time of the files is, on all the files being
> rsync'ed? I had a poke through the manual and a bit of googling but
> didn't find anything that seemed right.
> Thank you for any suggestions
> Carl

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