Using rsync to just -resync permissions and ownership?

Carl Brewer carl at
Tue May 14 18:19:58 MDT 2013

I'm in the process of fixing a long broken rsync backup on a couple of 
servers.  The old system rsync'd a Linux (CentOS 5) server onto a 
Opensolaris/OpenIndiana server but didn't worry about ownership or 
permissions, across an expensive WAN link.  All the ownerships and 
permissions are different to the original box on the OI box.

I now have a virtual CentOS 5 box that I want to mostly mirror the 
master server onto to have as a warm backup.  I have all the files on 
the OpenIndiana box but with incorrect ownership and permissions.  It's 
around 120GB or so, so I don't want to pump it all down from the master 
server again if I can help it.  I have copied all the files etc off the 
OI box onto the virtual CentOS server, but with incorrect (ie: same as 
on the OI box, not the original CentOS box) ownerships and permissions.

Is there a way using rsync (or something else?) to just change 
ownerships and permissions and not actually copy files no matter what 
the modification time of the files is, on all the files being rsync'ed? 
  I had a poke through the manual and a bit of googling but didn't find 
anything that seemed right.

Thank you for any suggestions


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