Problem rsyncing 450GB file to my NAS: 'connection unexpectedly closed' - SOLVED / WORKAROUND

rsyncml.frucade at rsyncml.frucade at
Mon Oct 29 02:29:21 MDT 2012

Hi Libor!

Thanks for your hint!

In fact using rsync via ssh as workaround *does work for me*, too.

This indeed adds an extra performance penalty for the SSH tunneling, but 
in my final setup SSH will be required anyways.

In fact this issue seems to occur mainly with slow rsync servers like 
NAS.  I'd rather assume it's some network timing issue, because I was to 
able to observe a continuous stream of checksums until the point of 
error. Maybe some network tasks on the NAS starves to death due to the 
high load of the rsync daemon?

Thanks to you for the helping tip and to the rsync Team for this this 
great tool!
- Ben

Am 16.10.2012 12:16, schrieb Libor Klepáč - libor.klepac at
> Hello,
> i was dealing with same thing , I coudln't find a sollution using rsyncd.
> Using rsync+ssh did the trick ...
> Problem was (probably) with slow NAS, taking ages to compute (initial?)
> checksums of target file.
> When using --progress or --verbose, it was just sitting there without
> output, but spinning CPU hard on NAS side, then timeout (even with
> timeout set to 2 hours)
> Rsync over ssh does the same thing, but it doesn't timeout ...
> With regards
> Libor

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