rsync has big problem with leaving lots of empty dirs around...

Linda Walsh rsync at
Wed Oct 17 03:43:18 MDT 2012

The volume I am differencing a snapshot with has
595,400 dirs (424994 w/link count=2)
& 5,703,820 files.

The diff volume starts with
233,764 files (a large multi-day diff)
but 289,215 dirs!

I ran a script to clean out all the empty tally:
same # of files: 233764, but
#dirs: 5462.

Thats about a huge amount of extra dirs -- I'm seeing
almost a 10% reduction in the diff size by removing all
the empty dirs.

At this point will likely run a clean up script on the diff vol before
I copy it to longer term storage, but it would be nice if the
no-empty-dirs option worked... ;-)

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