Time rsYnc Machine (tym)

josephj at main.nc.us josephj at main.nc.us
Sat Jul 28 13:26:07 MDT 2012

He redirects stdout and stderr to files and doesn't require user interaction.

Living on a notebook, almost all of my scripts don't do that, so they
won't work from cron or any background situation unless I modify them with
that in mind.


> On Sat, Jul 28, 2012 at 3:48 AM, M. Carrasco <ca at dragoman.org> wrote:
>> 3. Cron
>> It can run properly run from cron as it is demonized.
> What's this about?  I've never had problems running run of the mill
> scripts
> from cron, once the environment is adequately replicated.
>> "--hard-links" is not used and there is for and against reasons. From
>> man
>> rsync:
>>    "... finding  multiply-linked  files  is expensive."
>>    "Without this option, hard-linked files in the transfer are treated
>> as
>> though they were separate files."
> FWIW, it might be nice to add a hardlink detecting bloom filter to rsync
> at
> some point.  This makes the process of detecting hardlinks less expensive.
> Another way to narrow down the field is to just look at st_nlink.
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