Replacing rsync on OSX servers.

Bryan Pliatsios bryan.pliatsios at
Tue Nov 22 15:31:00 MST 2011

Thank you both for your replies,

   nothing unexpected in the comments, but I'm certainly glad there were no bombshells telling me a painful path lay ahead.
   We're having an internal discussion about replacing rsync in place vs using /usr/local/bin. We have a very small team with a lot of servers so a standard environment is essential, so more investigation is going into finding out if the stock rsync is used by any OSX processes (we think not) and at least adding an motd and perhaps a version query into our scripts given the conflicting use of -E between Apple's patch and rsync3+.

   Finally, having built it now, I can also do some debugging of the broken pipe issues we keep having; Yes, rsync daemon. No, no ssh (private network). I'll come back and ask for help on that one soon I expect.

Thanks for the help, thanks for the tool.

On 22/11/2011, at 2:43 PM, Henri Shustak wrote:

>> Having built and tested 3.0.7 and ready to send it out into production, can anybody point me to 'best practices' for updating the binary and man pages and other issues around upgrading from the dodgy v2.6.9 that ships with late-10.4-thru-10.7?
> You could use /usr/local/bin as the install location for the rsync binary and then update your environment variable accordingly. This is just one possible approach.
>> Not having replaced an OSX tool in the past, I've got no idea if Apple is prone to update these utils, or just 'fix' what I've done automatically during routine checks and system upgrades. Any experiences would be appreciated.
> If you replace the binary then it is possible that an Apple would overwrite your files. 
> Despite this message not directly answering your questions, hopefully you find some of the information I have provided useful / informative.
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