Excluding most and including some problems continue.

Steven Levine steve53 at earthlink.net
Thu Sep 30 18:28:04 MDT 2010

In <4CA4BE08.2858.00AF.0 at cdpr.ca.gov>, on 09/30/10
   at 04:42 PM, "Ian Skinner" <iskinner at cdpr.ca.gov> said:


>> + das/htdocs/docs/*
>> + em/htdocs/docs/*
>> etc.
>> + */
>> - *

>Thanks for the suggestion, but that did not seem to produce the desired
>results.  I did not look into why in detail, but a dry run produced files
>from directories I wanted to exclude and apparently not all the files I
>wanted to include.

Did you add --prune-empty-directorys to the command line?  This filter
setup along with --prune-empty-directories will copy only the files in the
named directores, which is my understanding of what you want.

>After a day of trail and error and internet searching I now have this
>that is really close.

Looks overly complex to me.  Taking your example layout and using this
filter set

+ das/htdocs/docs/*
+ em/htdocs/docs/*
+ enf/htdocs/docs/*
+ internal/htdocs/docs/*
+ itb/htdocs/docs/*
+ medtox/htdocs/docs/*
+ pml/htdocs/docs/*
+ psb/htdocs/docs/*
+ reg/htdocs/docs/*
+ whs/htdocs/docs/*
+ */
- *

and this command line

rsync --dry-run --prune-empty-dirs --itemize-changes -a -F export\ to\

I get

.d..t...... ./
cd+++++++++ home/
cd+++++++++ home/das/
cd+++++++++ home/das/htdocs/
cd+++++++++ home/das/htdocs/docs/
>f+++++++++ home/das/htdocs/docs/SHLNotes.txt
cd+++++++++ home/em/
cd+++++++++ home/em/htdocs/
cd+++++++++ home/em/htdocs/docs/
>f+++++++++ home/em/htdocs/docs/SHLNotes.txt

Which I think is what you want.  Every subdirectory contains a file.

Good luck,


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