rsync as a deliberately slow copy?

Mac User FR macuserfr at
Thu Sep 30 03:25:30 MDT 2010

Le 29 sept. 10 à 22:35, Henri Shustak a écrit :

>>> I'm looking for a way to deliberately copy a large directory tree
>>> of files somewhat slowly, rather than as fast as the hardware
>>> will allow.
>> Just do it to localhost - that way it's still a network  
>> connection, and
>> you can use "--bwlimit". Also, you could try "nice" to lower the
>> priority rsync runs at
> Yes SSH (depending upon the system) may be resource intensive. As  
> such, the suggestion of using nice is a really good suggestion!
> Although, if you are limiting the bandwidth then the resources  
> required by SSH will be lower. It will really depend on a number of  
> factors. Bottom line is nice is a great suggestion.
You can do network rsync without ssh to localhost. But I don't know  
about efficiency and material saving of this solution.

nice will not work to slow the transfer if rsync is the only intense  
process running at the moment in the computer. You would need also to  
create a "fake" process that do nothing with a big nice value.

But, what I really doubt is about the efficacy of slowing rsync to  
preserve the material. Do you really think that running slower  
process help preserving the material?

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