compare a directory with itself -- differences found

Henri Shustak henri.shustak at
Thu Sep 2 18:29:45 MDT 2010

I think an important question is what kind of differences do you need to check with regards integrity of your copy / backup?

In addition, I suggest that you actually use rsync to copy the data to a separate directory and then compare two different directories. The reason I suggest this is because it is not clear that you are doing this from your rsync command.

The following your rsync commands could be used achieve the results I believe you are trying to achieve?

# Make a copy to the /tmp directory :
~/rsync-new-executable --recursive --ignore-times --itemize-changes --xattrs -R --exclude-from ~/backup_excludes.txt /Users/pen /tmp/pen

# Check that the copy has completed successfully using checksums and dry run : 
~/rsync-new-executable  --dry-run --checksum --recursive --ignore-times --itemize-changes --xattrs -R --exclude-from ~/backup_excludes.txt Users/pen /tmp/pen

Another possibility is to use a tool which is designed to compare copies / backups on Mac OS X. A great tool which I would highly recommend is backup-bouncer :

If you are just after checksums then another possibility is something like fingerprint or the various other checksumming / tripwire tools (it really depends on the kind of attributes you wish to verify :

I hope this helps.

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