compare a directory with itself -- differences found

Pen Helm jphelm70 at
Thu Sep 2 17:22:20 MDT 2010

>What kind of differences are reported.

here's a small sample:    [I said something like rsync ~ ~]

cd+++++++++ /Users/
cd+++++++++ /Users/pen/
>f+++++++++ /Users/pen/A
>f+++++++++ /Users/pen/B
>f+++++++++ /Users/pen/Desktop DB
>f+++++++++ /Users/pen/Desktop DF
>f+++++++++ /Users/pen/backup_excludes.txt
>f+++++++++ /Users/pen/correct
>f+++++++++ /Users/pen/doit
>f+++++++++ /Users/pen/pen.lisp
>f+++++++++ /Users/pen/rsync-new-executable
>f+++++++++ /Users/pen/rsync-tiger
>f+++++++++ /Users/pen/temp
>f+++++++++ /Users/pen/verify-backup
>f+++++++++ /Users/pen/zap-DOT
>f+++++++++ /Users/pen/zapit

>Also are you using the the --check-sum option for verification based 
>upon file check sums of files rather than the modification times?

Yes, what I'm doing is:

~/rsync-new-executable  --dry-run --checksum --recursive 
--ignore-times --itemize-changes --xattrs   -R --exclude-from 
~/backup_excludes.txt $*

I'm on OS X 10.4.11, but I'm using a current rsync, not the one that 
was included with OS X.

I greatly appreciate the help!

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