compare a directory with itself -- differences found

Matt McCutchen matt at
Thu Sep 2 19:29:37 MDT 2010

On Thu, 2010-09-02 at 16:22 -0700, Pen Helm wrote:
> >What kind of differences are reported.
> here's a small sample:    [I said something like rsync ~ ~]
> cd+++++++++ /Users/
> cd+++++++++ /Users/pen/
> >f+++++++++ /Users/pen/A
> >f+++++++++ /Users/pen/B
> >f+++++++++ /Users/pen/Desktop DB
> >f+++++++++ /Users/pen/Desktop DF
> >f+++++++++ /Users/pen/backup_excludes.txt
> >f+++++++++ /Users/pen/correct
> >f+++++++++ /Users/pen/doit
> >f+++++++++ /Users/pen/pen.lisp
> >f+++++++++ /Users/pen/rsync-new-executable
> >f+++++++++ /Users/pen/rsync-tiger
> >f+++++++++ /Users/pen/temp
> >f+++++++++ /Users/pen/verify-backup
> >f+++++++++ /Users/pen/zap-DOT
> >f+++++++++ /Users/pen/zapit

Rsync is showing that none of the source files have counterparts on the
destination.  That most likely indicates that your source and
destination arguments do not match up correctly.

> ~/rsync-new-executable  --dry-run --checksum --recursive 
> --ignore-times --itemize-changes --xattrs   -R --exclude-from 
> ~/backup_excludes.txt $*

Unfortunately, this doesn't show the actual source and destination
arguments.  But assuming they were "/Users/pen /Users/pen", then rsync
would copy /Users/pen to /Users/pen/Users/pen according to the -R
option.  You probably want to remove -R and use a trailing slash on the
source path.


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