Minimize log file: get rid of ".d...p..... send"

hans.troost at hans.troost at
Thu Sep 2 03:38:33 MDT 2010

I'm just starting with rsync, googled and experienced a lot, but get stuck
minimizing the log-file: I only want to see the "real" changes: new, updated
deleted files/directories in the log-file.
The LOG-file always contains a lot of lines like:

2010/08/31 20:19:01 [24573] .d...p..... send home/hans/Desktop
2010/08/31 20:19:05 [24573] .d...p..... send home/hans/Documents/PCPa

I did not change anything, also not the permissions. So these directories

Question: how to get rid of these lines, while keeping lines like:

2010/08/31 20:19:01 [24573] >f.stp..... send home/hans/2bedited.txt
2010/08/31 20:19:01 [24573] >f+++++++++ send home/hans/Documents/newfile.txt

Want to use rscync for a "manual backup" (now and then) and my situation

Source:  workstation with PCLinuxOS 2010.
Destination: a NAS (LaCie Ethernet Disk mini) with a share called Backup,
mounted as /mnt/backup:

	[hans at localhost mnt]$ ls -l
	drwxr-xr-x  4 hans hans    0 2010-08-31 20:18 backup/
	[hans at localhost mnt]$ ls -l backup
	total 0
	drwxr-xr-x 2 hans hans 0 2010-08-31 19:39 deleted/
	drwxr-xr-x 9 hans hans 0 2010-08-31 20:18 hans/
	drwxr-xr-x 2 hans hans 0 2010-08-31 20:18 updated/
	[hans at localhost mnt]$ 

the rsync command I use is:

rsync -axhhX --stats --delete --delete-excluded --backup
--backup-dir-dels=deleted/`date +%Y-%m-%d` --backup-dir=updated/`date +%Y-%m-%d`
--suffix=.`date +%H%M` --log-file=/home/hans/rsync-files/rsync-log.`date
+%Y%m%d-%H%M` --log-file-format="%i %o %f"
--exclude-from=/home/hans/rsync-files/exclude.txt /home/hans /mnt/backup

NB: also the old mailing list thread "rsync 2.6.4 - directory always updated"
from John Stoffel in 2005 did not help me (I'm not that good in *nix file

Best regards,

Hans Troost


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