Minimize log file: get rid of ".d...p..... send"

Matt McCutchen matt at
Thu Sep 2 15:22:20 MDT 2010

On Thu, 2010-09-02 at 11:38 +0200, hans.troost at wrote:
> I'm just starting with rsync, googled and experienced a lot, but get stuck
> with
> minimizing the log-file: I only want to see the "real" changes: new, updated
> and
> deleted files/directories in the log-file.
> The LOG-file always contains a lot of lines like:
> 2010/08/31 20:19:01 [24573] .d...p..... send home/hans/Desktop
> 2010/08/31 20:19:05 [24573] .d...p..... send home/hans/Documents/PCPa
> I did not change anything, also not the permissions. So these directories
> are
> unchanged!

Yes, but are they the same on source and destination?  The behavior you
observe could happen if the destination filesystem is unable to store
permissions and silently ignores chmod(2) calls.  In that case, you
should disable the -p option.

> Question: how to get rid of these lines, while keeping lines like:
> 2010/08/31 20:19:01 [24573] >f.stp..... send home/hans/2bedited.txt
> 2010/08/31 20:19:01 [24573] >f+++++++++ send home/hans/Documents/newfile.txt

To get rid of lines with only attribute changes, you can set a log
format that does not contain %i.  But I would suggest first looking into
why they are being printed.


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