Behavioral differences between versions.

Paul Slootman paul+rsync at
Thu Jul 22 03:20:35 MDT 2010

On Wed 21 Jul 2010, Jeff Cleverley wrote:
> 1.  When using the -z option, does rsync actually use
> /usr/bin/compress or does it use gzip?  The man pages say it
> compresses data but doesn't specify what it compresses with.

It uses the gzip algorithm but implements it internally; it doesn't call
any external program. That wouldn't be at all practical on a
communication link which is effectively interactive (one side sends
data, the other side reacts).

> 2.  I was looking for detailed documentation on behavioral changes of
> arguments between rsync versions.

I suggest examining the NEWS and OLDNEWS files in the rsync source.


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