Behavioral differences between versions.

Jeff Cleverley jeff.cleverley at
Wed Jul 21 12:38:28 MDT 2010


We are upgrading systems in our lab from rhel4 to rhel5.  We've
noticed a number of differences in behavior while using the same
arguments on the same data set.  We get different sent and received
counts.  We also had one case with some data corruption that was only
fixed after telling rsync to checksum everything.

I was hoping someone in the list can point me to some better
information. There are 2 points of interest.

1.  When using the -z option, does rsync actually use
/usr/bin/compress or does it use gzip?  The man pages say it
compresses data but doesn't specify what it compresses with.

2.  I was looking for detailed documentation on behavioral changes of
arguments between rsync versions.

If I can't find anything in the documentation I'll post more details
about specific behaviors later.



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