Almost desperate on rsync from macbook to NAS

Boniforti Flavio boniforti.f at
Wed Nov 4 04:59:49 MST 2009

2009/11/4 henri <henri at>:
>> rsync -ahzv --delete --progress --numeric-ids --ignore-errors
>> "/Users/bonny/Music/iTunes Music"
>> "rsync://root@ Music"
> I am guessing that your iTunes Music folder is well 50MB. As such, testing
> with a smaller directory will reduce the time it takes for rsync to run. It
> will also allow you to use the verbose options while keeping the output to a
> minimum.

I finally managed to get it done:

rsync -av --delete "/Users/bonny/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/"
"rsync://root@ Music/"

I think I was missing the trailing slash on the source path...

That's it, now it's working!

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