Almost desperate on rsync from macbook to NAS

henri henri at
Tue Nov 3 19:55:04 MST 2009

> rsync -ahzv --delete --progress --numeric-ids --ignore-errors
> "/Users/bonny/Music/iTunes Music"
> "rsync://root@ Music"

I am guessing that your iTunes Music folder is well 50MB. As such,  
testing with a smaller directory will reduce the time it takes for  
rsync to run. It will also allow you to use the verbose options while  
keeping the output to a minimum.

So, why not setup a test environment? Make a test directory on your  
MacBook (eg: /tmp/mytestsrc) and also create a test destination  
directory on the NAS.

Next, make some directories within the source test directory on your  
MacBook. Then, manually populate these source directories with some  
test files. Finally, try to copy the test source directory over to  
your NAS device using rsync. If this initial sync works, then I  
suggest that you remove some items to the test source directory, run  
rsync a second time and check the results are as you expect.

If you are not able to get this test case working, then post the  
command and output from the rsync command to the list. Hopefully  
someone will be able to assist you with why it is not working.

I would also suggest that you add the option "-vvv" when you run rsync  
so you are provided with more feed back while rsync is running. Hence  
the test setup.

Finally, I recommend that once you are able to see the files changing,  
that you use "ls -l" to check the ownership, timestamps and  
permissions are being transferred correctly.

Hope this helps.

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