rsync between windows Opensolaris failures

Jan-Benedict Glaw jbglaw at
Wed Jul 8 11:40:21 MDT 2009

On Wed, 2009-07-08 12:21:55 -0500, Harry Putnam <reader at> wrote:
> Can anyone tell me what is wrong in this picture with error output:
>  rsync -nvviirp --inplace harry at harvey:/cygdrive/c/Documents\ And\ Settings ./docs_settings_$(dtf)
> opening connection using ssh harvey -l harry rsync --server --sender -vvnpr --inplace . "/cygdrive/c/Documents And Settings" 
> harry at harvey's password: 
> protocol version mismatch -- is your shell clean?
> (see the rsync man page for an explanation)
> rsync error: protocol incompatibility (code 2) at compat.c(61)
>  [receiver=2.6.9]
> =========================================
> A strait ssh to reader at harvey succeeds but has this output (once past
> passwd):


Please try:

ssh reader at harvey true | xxd

There should be no output at all. If there is, your shell is not
clean, as rsync said. (That is, there might be something like a
greeting message in non-interactive mode.)


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