rsync between windows Opensolaris failures

Harry Putnam reader at
Wed Jul 8 20:48:09 MDT 2009

Jan-Benedict Glaw <jbglaw at> writes:

> Please try:
> ssh reader at harvey true | xxd
> There should be no output at all. If there is, your shell is not
> clean, as rsync said. (That is, there might be something like a
> greeting message in non-interactive mode.)

Thanks... turned out to be an echo of $HOME in .bashrc from sometime
back when I couldn't get HOME set correctly.

But there is also a `last login' message.... that apparently doesn't
cause any problems... since rsync works now.  I see the `last login'
message if I do a straight ssh harry at harvey

How does that message skate by but my echo of $HOME causes failure.
Is the last login in stderr maybe?

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