Rsync with OS X 10.3

Jason dualusbibook at
Fri Jan 23 04:31:51 GMT 2009

Hi All Again,
Both patches to deal with the colon to slash conversion work.

I used the rsync arguments of -aNxH I mistyped my x.  The results now as expected.

Verifying:    basic-permissions ... ok (Critical)
Verifying:           timestamps ... ok (Critical)
Verifying:             symlinks ... ok (Critical)
Verifying:    symlink-ownership ... ok 
Verifying:            hardlinks ... ok (Important)
Verifying:       resource-forks ... 
   Sub-test:             on files ... ok (Critical)
   Sub-test:  on hardlinked files ... ok (Important)
Verifying:         finder-flags ... ok (Critical)
Verifying:         finder-locks ... ok 
Verifying:        creation-date ... ok 
Verifying:            bsd-flags ... ok 
Verifying:       extended-attrs ... 
   Sub-test:             on files ... FAIL (Important)
   Sub-test:       on directories ... FAIL (Important)
   Sub-test:          on symlinks ... FAIL 
Verifying: access-control-lists ... 
   Sub-test:             on files ... FAIL (Important)
   Sub-test:              on dirs ... FAIL (Important)
Verifying:                 fifo ... ok 
Verifying:              devices ... ok 
Verifying:          combo-tests ... 
   Sub-test:  xattrs + rsrc forks ... FAIL 
   Sub-test:     lots of metadata ... FAIL 

I've done some testing with this compiled version on my 10.4 machine and it performs as expected.

Would anyone find it useful if I bundled a compiled version is an installer package?


--- On Thu, 1/22/09, macuserfr <macuserfr at> wrote:

> From: macuserfr <macuserfr at>
> Subject: Re: Rsync with OS X 10.3
> To: dualusbibook at
> Cc: rsync at
> Received: Thursday, January 22, 2009, 4:36 AM
> Hi Jason,
> You may try this patch (
> ) instead of the one I gave you about colon to slash
> conversion. You may not see the difference but it's
> supposed to use less memory and should be as fast as the
> other patch.
> For the Backup Bouncer test, which rsync arguments did you
> use?
> You should be using -X for keeping resource fork and -H for
> hard links. If you ran rsync without arguments, your test is
> normal.
> Here I explain what can not be OK on the bb test in
> Panther's patched version:
> And here we have a bb test OK for hardlinks and
> resource-fork with 10.3 patch
> Best regards,
> Vitorio

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