Rsync with OS X 10.3

macuserfr macuserfr at
Fri Jan 23 08:41:32 GMT 2009

Le 23 janv. 09 à 05:31, Jason a écrit :

> Hi All Again,
> Both patches to deal with the colon to slash conversion work.
This is a good news. I prefer the last patch I gave you, as I told you  
in previous mail. When I have some time I will edit the panther xattr  
patch to include this modification.
> I used the rsync arguments of -aNxH I mistyped my x.  The results  
> now as expected.
> (...)
> I've done some testing with this compiled version on my 10.4 machine  
> and it performs as expected.
Cool! It's always pleasant when it works
> Would anyone find it useful if I bundled a compiled version is an  
> installer package?
I'm not opposed at all in what concern my work (the patch). Use and  
spread it as you want. The only thing I ask is feedback. To let me  
know if you use it, if you do some upgrade... This kind of stuff.

But I can't speak about rsync's code. Like it's in GPL licence I think  
you are free to do it.
> Jason

Best regards,


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