Rsync with OS X 10.3

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Wed Jan 21 09:03:07 GMT 2009

Hi Jason,

Here's rsync10.3xattr_supportv0.6.diff.

You can find fileflags.diff and crtimes.diff (that are not from me,  
but I strongly recommend you to install) here:

As you could see in the mail from the mail-list, this version have a  
bug with filenames containing slashes ("/"). They are converted to  
colons (":") in the filesystem and we need to reconvert them to  
slashes in order to pass them correctly as argument for the  
FSMakeFSRefUnicode function. As you can see, we are looking for the  
most efficient way to do it.

If you want to be sure it works, modify /lib/sysxattrs.c including  
this code on fsreffrompath function:
= 	if(verbose > 3)
= 		fprintf(stderr, "name=%s\n",startOfName);
+	nameLength=strlen(startOfName);
+	strcpy(name, startOfName);
+	while(index<nameLength)
+	{
+		if(name[index]==':')
+			name[index]='/';
+		index++;
+	}
= 	cfStringName=CFStringCreateWithCString(NULL, name,  
= 	if(cfStringName==NULL)

Putting this initialisation:
= 	char parentPath[MAXPATHLEN+1], name[MAXNAMLEN+1];
+	unsigned int index=0, nameLength;

= means code that already exist on file.
+ means new code to be inserted in this context.

Other ways to make the colon to slash conversion are unsure and need  
testing. If you would like to test it, let me know.

I can't test as I haven't a Mac OS X.3 anymore. Let me know as well if  
this works for you (This patch have no guarantee, using it is by your  
only responsibility).

Best regards,


PS: CC me if you reply on the mailing list as I don't systematically  
subscribe to it.

Le 21 janv. 09 à 07:47, Jason a écrit :

> Hi Vitorio,
> I read your posting from Jan 20th 2009 regarding the email from  
> Tim.  I'm not sure if you have the time but I have 2 computers  
> running 10.3 right now that I would love to have rsync 3 running on.
> I'm running a mixed environment of 10.4 and 10.3 so right now I have  
> RsyncX installed on all the machines but it appears rsync 3 handles  
> things a bit better.
> If you have the time send me the 10.3 diff file and I can try  
> compling with 10.3.  My programming is primarily in ancient C  
> development for back end processing so I'm a bit rusty.
> Cheers,
> Jason
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