find out the meaning of rsync error code

Stuart Halliday StuartH at
Wed Jan 21 09:42:20 GMT 2009

I'd recommend that you do a search on the failing systems for duplicate or
old copies of Rsync. It just takes a PATH variable to include another old
copy of rsync to make it fail.

I'd also check your firewall or router aren't the problem. If you need to,
temporary disable the firewall or any AV software as these can be
potential problems.

Also are you using SSH on these systems? Perhaps that isn't working?

I'd start with the very simplest set up and go from there. For example
manually start up a daemon on a remote server and see if a client can
connect to its resources. Try a different port number, some thing may be
blocking the value you're using.

No need to send me a personal copy of your reply. I do read the mailing
list. I get quite enough email thanks. :-)

Stuart Halliday

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