CWRsync & DeltaCopy

David de Lama david.delama at
Mon Feb 23 15:25:30 GMT 2009

Hi everybody!

I don't ask this question together with my previous ones, because it is a new theme.

I also wanted to backup files from a Windows client to a Linux Server. For testing I transfered a 512MB file with a bandwidth of 10Mbyte/s.

So when I run the rsync command from the Linux machine and backup files from a mounted folder, it takes about 145 sec.
But running the same command with CWRsync and DeltaCopy it takes 545 sec!! With a CPU load (on the Windows machine) of 75% to 90%! In the task manager this CPU load is used by ssh.exe and rsync.exe!
Why does it use so much hardware? Has it something to do with samba and/or cygwin?

Thanks a lot!
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