Backup Microsoft Exchange

Shachar Shemesh shachar at
Tue Oct 7 15:10:31 GMT 2008

Steve Zemlicka wrote:
> Thanks Julian and Brad, I will give ntbackup a shot.  I've used
> rsyncrypto but I'm not a huge fan.
Off topic, but as the author I'd love to hear why.
>   I don't need the files to be
> encrypted except during transit which can be done with just rsync,
> right?
Yes. Do rsync over ssh or run a daemon over SSL. Rsyncrypto is not 
needed for in-transit encryption, only for storage encryption.

Also, whether you use rsyncrypto or not, you can delete the temporary 
files (the ntbackup export and the rsyncrypto encrypted file) after you 
rsync them. They will be created again when you repeat the operation. If 
you are using rsyncrypto, make sure to not delete the symmetric key file 
(68 bytes), so that the result will be rsyncable.


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