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Tue Oct 7 15:05:36 GMT 2008

Thanks Julian and Brad, I will give ntbackup a shot.  I've used
rsyncrypto but I'm not a huge fan.  I don't need the files to be
encrypted except during transit which can be done with just rsync,

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This should be simple:
Use ntbackup to create a large .bkf file at a scheduled time.
This will itself use shadow copy, so for this purpose (exchange) you
don't need to get into the VSS SDK.

Moreover, I compress and encrypt that file with rsyncrypto (internally
to gzip with the --rsyncable argument).
I end up with a file of around 8GB... (see

This file takes around 45 mins to sync, but obviously it depends on the 
amount and types of changes you get between backups.

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> I do the NT backup of the exchange to a .bkf file, then rsync that
> My
> largest was about 12GB and it took about 1 hour and transferred about 
> 300MB
> of data across the net.  I had to use rsync 3.x to make this work,
> Brad
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> You need to use shadow copies to create a drive you can use with
rsync, or
> you have to take Exchange offline.  You can use vshadow.exe (use
> 3.0) to create the shadow copy and then expose it as a drive.  Then
> rsync to sync this point-in-time backup to your offsite location
across an
> ssh tunnel.  vshadow with the -w option means it will tell the
> writer to create a consistent backup so you won't have problems with
> recovery.
> There is plenty of documentation on how to use vshadow to expose a
> copy as a drive.  When using rsync to send it offsite be sure to use 
> the -I
> option since the date/time option of the exchange edb file will not
> necessarily change.
> You can also use betest (VSS SDK) to truncate logs periodically and
> the
> -I option only when you truncate the logs.  The rest of the time you
> get the logs and you can do a soft recovery against your edb in the
> of
> a disaster.  If you truncate logs or use circular logging you have to 
> use -I
> to force a sync even if the date/time has not changed.
> Rob
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