(CPAN src exclusion problem)

David Favor david at davidfavor.com
Fri May 30 17:43:59 GMT 2008

Matt McCutchen wrote:
> On Fri, 2008-05-30 at 10:00 -0600, lewis butler wrote:
>> On 28-May-2008, at 05:28, David Favor wrote:
>>> /usr/bin/rsync -av --delete --exclude '/src/***'
>> why all the *?
> A trailing triple star makes the rule match /src/ and everything under
> it, which is overkill in this case but doesn't hurt anything.
>> -exclude="src/" is what I've used in the past
>> /src/ would imply that src is at the root of your system, which seem  
>> unlikely.
> No, the leading slash refers to the root of the file list for the
> current run of rsync, which is exactly what David wants.  For the root
> of the filesystem, use --filter='-/ /src/'.
> Matt

Still not working. If I remove a random file like src/fo.md5.txt all the
following fail. In other works, each of the following exclude patterns
recreate the file.

    #    --exclude='src/'
    #    --exclude='src/***'
    #    --exclude='/src/'
    #    --exclude='/src/***'

I'm using rsync-3.0.1 and based on the docs this looks like a bug as it
appears all the above should:

    1) exclude all src/* files

    2) remove all src/* files which might exist

Neither action occurs for any of the above exclude patterns.

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