(CPAN src exclusion problem)

Matt McCutchen matt at mattmccutchen.net
Fri May 30 18:00:35 GMT 2008

On Fri, 2008-05-30 at 12:43 -0500, David Favor wrote:
> Still not working. If I remove a random file like src/fo.md5.txt all the
> following fail. In other works, each of the following exclude patterns
> recreate the file.
>     #    --exclude='src/'
>     #    --exclude='src/***'
>     #    --exclude='/src/'
>     #    --exclude='/src/***'
> I'm using rsync-3.0.1 and based on the docs this looks like a bug as it
> appears all the above should:
>     1) exclude all src/* files
>     2) remove all src/* files which might exist
> Neither action occurs for any of the above exclude patterns.

Still can't reproduce.  I ran this command to pull some files in /src.
It's the same as yours but *without* your exclude and with some excludes
that I added to keep the number of files reasonable:

~/rsync/versions/rsync-3.0.1/rsync --exclude='/[.A-Za-q]*' --exclude=/scripts --exclude='/*/*/*' -av --delete --delete-excluded --prune-empty-dirs ftp.funet.fi::CPAN cpan-mirror/


rm cpan-mirror/src/perl5.004_01.tar.gz.md5.txt

And the same command but *with* your exclude:

~/rsync/versions/rsync-3.0.1/rsync --exclude='/[.A-Za-q]*' --exclude=/scripts --exclude='/*/*/*' -av --delete --exclude '/src/**' --delete-excluded --prune-empty-dirs ftp.funet.fi::CPAN cpan-mirror/

Rsync deleted the rest of the files all the way up to src/ itself and
did not recreate the one I deleted.

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