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Wed May 21 07:40:06 GMT 2008

This is just a workaround, but you could modify the apache account to
have a home directory.
Then you generate a pair of private/public keys and put the private in
.ssh directory in the apache home directory
and copy the public key into the authorized_keys in .ssh in the
external server's user account used to rsync to.
Just remember of the perms. The home directory .ssh and the private
key in yor computer must belong to the apache user,
and the authorized keys and .ssh dir in the external server to the
user you use to rsync to. And the perms in that .ssh and authorized
keys must be 700.
Good luck.


I have a bash script that contains:
rsync -- delete -avz -e ssh ${files} [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/red
when I use that script  ./ as root, it works like a charm as I set up
the private/public key  properly.
When run from a php script through the apache  webserver
The  rsync line is ignored.
I understand that the php script is called under  the apache user, when the
private/public key is for my root user. How can I  set the the keys so that the
apache user can run fully the php  script?
Thank you
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