taking advantage of filles in folder other than destination folder

Paul Slootman paul+rsync at wurtel.net
Mon May 5 15:26:27 GMT 2008

On Mon 05 May 2008, rssrik wrote:

> Thanks paul,
> but the requirement is to upload to the backup server (from database
> server),
> "rsync -a --compare-dest=../$YESTERDAYS_BACKUP  $TODAY $REMOTESOURCE 
> #change the src and dest"

As you don't show what you've put into those variables, notably
$REMOTESOURCE (which you should have renamed REMOTEDESTINATION),
the destination origin is probably one directory higher than you expect,
hence the relative compare-dest goes wrong.
I find it useful to explicitly end the destination with a slash (as I
already showed).

Also, how does "$YESTERDAYS_BACKUP" get determined if you have no access
to the destination?

You'll probably need to add a slash to $TODAY and the destination:

> this command does not seem to work for me !! I mean that the whole file is
> getting transferred ! 

How do you know? Show some stats.

Paul Slootman

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