taking advantage of filles in folder other than destination folder

rssrik rssrik at yahoo.co.in
Tue May 6 05:00:41 GMT 2008

Thanks again Paul,

I found a solution last night. The following command works,
rsync -az --compare-dest=../20080101/    20080102/  

On adding / to the source directory name, only the contents of that
directory gets created in the target. The workaround is to directly specify
the required Directory Name in the TARGET URL itself.

When using Directory Names without  /, compare-dest does not work. 
# This transfers the whole file <compare dest doesnot work>
rsync -az --compare-dest=../20080101   20080102  

# This compares the file but the directory 20080102 is not created in TARGET
rsync -az --compare-dest=../20080101   20080102  
One more request, is there any document which explains the syntax of rsync
and its params in detail. It could be more useful, If you link me to one
<with man pages I couldnt get the syntax correctly>.

Paul ji, thanks again for your most valuable time,

Paul Slootman-5 wrote:
> On Mon 05 May 2008, rssrik wrote:
>> Thanks paul,
>> but the requirement is to upload to the backup server (from database
>> server),
>> "rsync -a --compare-dest=../$YESTERDAYS_BACKUP  $TODAY $REMOTESOURCE 
>> #change the src and dest"
> As you don't show what you've put into those variables, notably
> $REMOTESOURCE (which you should have renamed REMOTEDESTINATION),
> the destination origin is probably one directory higher than you expect,
> hence the relative compare-dest goes wrong.
> I find it useful to explicitly end the destination with a slash (as I
> already showed).
> Also, how does "$YESTERDAYS_BACKUP" get determined if you have no access
> to the destination?
> You'll probably need to add a slash to $TODAY and the destination:
> rsync -a --compare-dest=../$YESTERDAYS_BACKUP  $TODAY/ $REMOTEDESTINATION/
>> this command does not seem to work for me !! I mean that the whole file
>> is
>> getting transferred ! 
> How do you know? Show some stats.
> Paul Slootman
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