rsync displays an number of errors when rysncing on gentoo

Mike Frysinger vapier at
Wed Feb 20 21:06:46 GMT 2008

On Wednesday 20 February 2008, Matt McCutchen wrote:
> On Wed, 2008-02-20 at 21:55 +0200, eial at wrote:
> > hello, I'm running an Gentoo distribution on my computer, lately I've
> > started to get error messages that are rsync related. here is a log of
> > the output:
> [...]
> > rsync: link_stat "/var/tmp/emerge-webrsync/portage/180" failed: No such
> > file or directory (2)
> [...]
> > this started about a few days ago when I've updated to rsync 2.6.9-r5,
> > I've tried all other versions on my distribution's package bank.
> > suspecting in a possible HW failure, I've ran fs checker on the relevant
> > partitions (using reiserfs) which all came back ok, I'm kinda at lost
> > here, no one could help me at gentoo's forums so I thought to try here. I
> > hope you guys have a fresh perspective on the issue. my system is turion
> > x2 with 1 gigs of ram, 100 GB and nvidia based motherboard.
> That error message means that one of the source files/directories rsync
> was asked to copy did not exist.  This most likely indicates a problem
> with the Portage tool that is invoking rsync

while anything is possible, i highly doubt it.  emerge-webrsync basically 
unpacks a tarball and then uses rsync to copy that src tree to the dest 
tree /usr/portage.

> so it's odd that the 
> problem would appear when you upgraded rsync.  Please provide the full
> rsync command line that is being invoked and check whether the source
> files referenced actually exist.  If so, there may be an rsync issue we
> can help with

tar jxf snapshot-xxxxxxxx.tar.bz2
cd snapshot-xxxxxxxx
rsync -av --progress --stats --delete --delete-after \
--exclude='/distfiles' --exclude='/packages' --exclude='/local' \
. /usr/portage
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