rsync displays an number of errors when rysncing on gentoo

Matt McCutchen matt at
Wed Feb 20 20:48:32 GMT 2008

On Wed, 2008-02-20 at 21:55 +0200, eial at wrote:
> hello, I'm running an Gentoo distribution on my computer, lately I've started to get error messages that are rsync related.
> here is a log of the output:
> rsync: link_stat "/var/tmp/emerge-webrsync/portage/180" failed: No such file or directory (2)
> this started about a few days ago when I've updated to rsync 2.6.9-r5, I've tried all other versions on my distribution's package bank.
> suspecting in a possible HW failure, I've ran fs checker on the relevant partitions (using reiserfs) which all came back ok, I'm kinda at lost here, no one could help me at gentoo's forums so I thought to try here.
> I hope you guys have a fresh perspective on the issue. my system is turion x2 with 1 gigs of ram, 100 GB and nvidia based motherboard.

That error message means that one of the source files/directories rsync
was asked to copy did not exist.  This most likely indicates a problem
with the Portage tool that is invoking rsync, so it's odd that the
problem would appear when you upgraded rsync.  Please provide the full
rsync command line that is being invoked and check whether the source
files referenced actually exist.  If so, there may be an rsync issue we
can help with; if not, it is up to the Gentoo people to fix the Portage


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