Rsync compression still broken

Matt McCutchen matt at
Sat Dec 27 03:05:04 GMT 2008

On Fri, 2008-12-26 at 14:07 -0800, Les Barstow wrote:
> I've surfed through the archives and notice that no-one's "resolved" the
> compression issue, nor has anyone reported it for a while.
> I am sad to report that the issue still appears to exist in 3.0.4. 
> Conditions seem similar to other instances reported where the file is >1GB. 
> And, like those other reports, I have unfortunately overwritten the
> destination file when I turned off the compression flag and got a successful
> copy.

Yes, we know, but we can't find out for sure what is causing the problem
until someone provides a reproducible test case.  If you like, you can
enter a bug at (there isn't one yet) to keep
links to all the relevant threads in one place.

Wayne speculated a while ago that the cause may be false matches in the
delta-transfer algorithm, and that seemed reasonable to me:

but I don't think this angle has been pursued.


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