Tridge's rsync talk: great survey of issues

Matt McCutchen matt at
Wed Dec 24 05:52:36 GMT 2008

I found this transcript of an rsync talk by Andrew Tridgell in 2000:

Are people aware of this?  I found it to be a helpful survey of a number
of issues related to rsync that are still important today; to give one
example, the part at 69 minutes is bug 5954.  This should absolutely be
linked from the Web site.

BTW, Wayne, I don't see a clear distinction between the kinds of
documents listed on the "documentation" and "resource" pages; the
division just means everyone has to look two places.  I think we should
merge them and then organize by topic, keeping the official resources
(e.g., online man page) at the top.  If you want, I'll do it and post
the patch to rsync-patches.


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