Windows 2003 Cygwin Netapp remote filesystem

Michael Chletsos mpchlets at
Sat Dec 27 20:22:51 GMT 2008

Cool, thanks for all the help, I will probably go with that patch,
since the code I wrote won't be around in any updates.

Although I used a flag much like CFN_KEEP_BEG_DBL_SLASH  and then did
much the same thing.

And /cygdrive/c was working, but my remote cygdrive's were not, it was
the mount environment that I was missing on the windows side, because
if you specifically declare the mounts in the registry, it would work.

thanks again

On Fri, Dec 26, 2008 at 8:10 PM, Matt McCutchen <matt at> wrote:
> On Fri, 2008-12-26 at 14:13 -0700, Michael Chletsos wrote:
>> Ok so I have figured out the problem with my rsync daemon is the fact
>> that rsync interprets // as / and therefore is not seeing this as a
>> unc path, but rather a absolute path.
> This should be fixed in rsync 3.0.5pre2 as well as the latest
> development rsync.  See:
> --
> Matt

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