Problems connecting to remote rsync daemon

Tamara Temple tamouse at
Mon Aug 11 20:44:47 GMT 2008

Ok, but what should be *in* the rsyncd.conf file. the man page isn't  
at all clear what should be included. I just want to do simple rsync's  
of the sort shown in the command i gave. I don't know what it means to  
set up "modules".

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On Aug 11, 2008, at 6:02 AM, Matt McCutchen wrote:

> On Sun, 2008-08-10 at 21:20 -0700, Tamara Temple wrote:
>> I set up rsync in inetd.conf to respond on request. When I give a
>> remote request to the machine, I get the following error:
>> paladin:~ tamara$ rsync -avr /Volumes/Music/Pictures/ rsync://
>> tamara at server/Pictures/
>> rsync: connection unexpectedly closed (0 bytes received so far)  
>> [sender]
>> rsync error: error in rsync protocol data stream (code 12) at /
>> SourceCache/rsync/rsync-35.2/rsync/io.c(452) [sender=2.6.9]
>> paladin:~ tamara$
>> there is no rsyncd.conf file.
> That would be the problem.  An rsync daemon needs a configuration  
> file;
> it will look for the file at /etc/rsyncd.conf unless you specify a
> different path with a --config option in the command inetd is running.
> In general, you should check the server's syslog (/var/log/messages)  
> or
> any "log file" you specified in rsyncd.conf for error messages related
> to the daemon.  Most likely, there is a message in the syslog now
> telling you that the daemon failed to open /etc/rsyncd.conf .
> Matt

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