Rsync and opened files

Egoitz Aurrekoetxea eaurrekoetxea at
Tue Sep 25 13:19:00 GMT 2007


I'm trying to determine if rsync is a sure method of backing up servers (Linux and Windows) whose files are constantly being accesed and are not able to be stoped they're services for backing up purposes... I would use it over ssh for making incremental backups... in my tests seem to always have worked backing up from a debian server to the copy server that runs debian too...  I'm using the next :

OPTS="--force --ignore-errors --delete --backup --backup-dir=/home/ramattack/pruebas-rsync/$BACKUPDIRMES/$dia -avz"

rsync $OPTS $BDIR /home/ramattack/pruebas-rsync/$BACKUPDIRMES/imagen-copia

BDIR is source I want to backup and /home/ramattack/pruebas-rsync....... is the destination...

could this copy correctly opened files? Normally I will use it for backing up linux machines normally... and the backup server will be of course a linux machine (debian machine). but how does it behave with linux machines?

P.D. I have googled and searched over there but all posts I've find are old... and I wanted to have a recent answer.

Thanks a lot mates!!!

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