File bit synchronization?

Tony Abernethy tony at
Tue Sep 18 00:39:00 GMT 2007

Stephen Zemlicka wrote:
> No idea why it's not.  I usually use the -v -rlt -z --delete 
> options.  You
> could try the -c switch.  I believe that will ignore the mod 
> time and size
> and skip based on the checksum only.  Though I would think 
> you need a switch
> that does the opposite of that.  Maybe someone else has an idea.

Over sometimes very bad trans-pacific internet connections
rsync -avPz --timeout=7777  --exclude '.?*.*' --exclude "temp*"
Many files where nothing changes goes very fast.
Large files with a few scattered changes throughout the middle
will go rather slowly. Usually instructive just to watch it and
see what happens.
Just a guess, but take a look at whatever the contents of pg_dump
actually look like. In particular, compare one dump to another
taken later. You might spot something obvious.

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> On Mon, 2007-09-17 at 16:02 -0500, Stephen Zemlicka wrote:
> > Rsync performs delta copies.  This is by far the best 
> feature of rsync
> > I have many backup solutions setup for a number of clients 
> that perform
> > offsite synchronization of multi GB sql, exchange, etc. databases in
> minutes
> > over standard DSL connections.
> > 
> Great! Thanks. Why do you think my pgsql backup from pg_dump in
> postgresql 8.2.4 does not seem to be doing this? Do you mind if I ask
> what options you are using with rsync?
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> Robert

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