rsync daemon troubleshooting

chuang liu chliu at
Tue Sep 18 01:39:24 GMT 2007

Hi all:

I tried to start a rsync daemon under my user name (not an administrator)
on debian linux box(linux kernel 2.4.27), and failed. The command I used

> rsync -v -v --daemon --config=rsyncd.conf

This command returns without any error although the daemon does not get
started. The rsyncd.conf I used is as follows. Do I miss anything in
the configuration file? Any help is appreciated.

BTW: I tried the same command on another linux box (kernel 2.6.15), and it



uid = chliu
gid = chliu
use chroot = no
max connections = 4
syslog facility = local5
port = 5550
lock file = /home/chliu/rsync/misc/rsyncd.lock
log file = /home/chliu/rsync/misc/rsyncd.log
pid file = /home/chliu/rsync/misc/
motd file = /home/chliu/rsync/misc/rsyncd.motd
read only = false
write only = false

path = /home/chliu/rsync/pub
comment = whole ftp area (approx 6.1 GB)

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