Rsync Active Mirroring

Matt McCutchen hashproduct+rsync at
Sun Sep 16 15:18:59 GMT 2007

On 9/16/07, Stephen Zemlicka <stevezemlicka at> wrote:
> Can rsync support active mirroring?  I've used robocopy in the past and it
> has a –mon switch that can copy ever x changes or every x minutes.  I'm
> mostly interested in the x changes as the x minutes could easily be
> scheduled.

Darryl Dixon has put together a continuous mirroring system around
rsync.  See this message:

Contact him if you want a copy.

> Can rsync keep the data encrypted rather than unencrypting on the other end?
>  Let me explain better.  I want to rsync to a removable disk but I want the
> data to be kept in the original file names and directory structure but I
> want the files to be encrypted so they cannot be opened without the key.  I
> want to use the blowfish 448 encryption unless someone knows of a better.

You could (1) encrypt the source files to another directory and then
copy that directory or (2) get a copy of rsync including the
experimental patch source-filter_dest-filter.diff and specify the
encryption program of your choice as the --source-filter.  Using the
second approach, your script to call rsync might look like this (-bf
means to use Blowfish):

export PASSWORD=foo
rsync --times-only --source-filter='openssl enc -e -bf -pass env:PASSWORD' <...>


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