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Can rsync support active mirroring?  I've used robocopy in the past and it
has a -mon switch that can copy ever x changes or every x minutes.  I'm
mostly interested in the x changes as the x minutes could easily be


Can rsync keep the data encrypted rather than unencrypting on the other end?
Let me explain better.  I want to rsync to a removable disk but I want the
data to be kept in the original file names and directory structure but I
want the files to be encrypted so they cannot be opened without the key.  I
want to use the blowfish 448 encryption unless someone knows of a better.


I have the patched version of rsync that is supposed to be vss aware or
something like that.  I've used it successfully to rsync open Outlook pst
files without a problem.  I want to start using it to backup open sql and
exchange databases.  I've heard of this vss aware copy having problems.
Anybody have any experience with it or any additional info?


Thank you very much for taking the time to read and help with these issues.
I've done a bit of research and didn't find much so hopefully these haven't
been covered too much before.



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