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Stephen Zemlicka stevezemlicka at
Thu Oct 11 06:42:43 GMT 2007

I'm having a terrible time with one particular customer using rsync.  Every
once in awhile, they create a folder like "Jon Const."  Rsync seems to have
a terrible time with the period in the folder name.  After the backup runs
and fails due to this folder, I cannot simply rename the folder.  I have to
go into cmd and rename the folder using the short filename.  Has anybody run
into this issue?  Is there a way to get around it?  I don't just want to
rsync the short filenames because I want to keep everything as it is on the
rsync client.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.


BTW, yes I've told them not to do it but they just don't seem to get it.



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