Recognizing directory name changes

Matt McCutchen hashproduct+rsync at
Wed Oct 10 01:16:13 GMT 2007

On 10/9/07, Frank Thomas <fthomas at> wrote:
> I've decided to proceed down another path to solve this problem, at least
> until rsync is able.

You aren't happy with --detect-renamed ?

> Is there any way to
> change the dry-run option to display a probable transfer size if the command
> was run.

If you pass --stats, rsync will print a "Total transferred file size",
which is the total size of all regular files that would be
transferred.  The amount of data that rsync would actually send over
the network may be much less due to delta transfers, but there's no
way to predict this amount in advance.  As an alternative, you could
go ahead and attempt a real run but limit the total amount of data
sent by interposing a "head -c <nbytes>" into the connection.  If the
limit is hit before the run finishes, "head" will exit and the
connection will be dropped, allowing you to take corrective action; be
sure to use --delete-after to avoid premature deletion of destination
files whose source counterparts have been moved.  Reply if you would
like more help setting this up.


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