Recognizing directory name changes

Frank Thomas fthomas at
Tue Oct 9 15:42:36 GMT 2007

I've decided to proceed down another path to solve this problem, at
least until rsync is able. I've begun to code a perl script that keeps a
lookup list of file and directory names to inodes. What will occur is
the pointer list check will be run just before the rsync job and perform
name changes and moves before rsync has it's chance. I've come to
realize how complex this task is. Using inodes is a help, but linux
likes to re-use deleted file/folder inodes. I've considered this
problem, but feel it won't really be a problem as rsync runs right after
and will replace files that were improperly moved instead of just being
deleted and a new file sync'ed. 


I did have another question, that is an rsync issue. Is there any way to
change the dry-run option to display a probable transfer size if the
command was run. I would like to be able to stop a possible rsync job if
there is more then a particular threshold of files to be synchronized.
Maybe there is another way to do this? I would like the system to say,
for example, 'looks like there's 400MB's to transfer so cancel the
transfer and email the admin instead'.




Frank Thomas


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